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Our knowledgeable and highly motivated staff is committed to helping you with all of your real-estate needs, working with you individually and taking the time to understand your wishes. We negotiate on your behalf, previewing homes and streamlining the entire home-buying or selling process. Your needs become our common goal as we stay ahead of trends in the real estate industry working closely with you, to achieve your dreams.

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Commited to Excellence

Linda Dzierba

Linda has many years of experience to draw from.  She and her husband, Alex, live in Eastern Greene County on 18 acres.  Off days are spent scuba diving and tending to the ponies..

Expertise and Enthusiasm

Christopher Dzierba

Chris joins the family business after having been around real estate sales all his life, and getting his license at 18.  After earning his degree from Indiana University, he decided to make a career in real estate. His knowledge of the area and experience is sure to make your home selling or buying experience a pleasurable one!  Much of his off time is spent making improvements to his house!

Attention to Detail

Judith Vitaliano

Judy keeps our accounts on track and manages our bank owned properties. She is always eager to learn something new to make the office run more smoothly.  Her attention to detail is unsurpassed, as is her enthusiasm!  Off hours are filled with critters, cooking, knitting and a host of other fun things!

Precision and Competence

David Dwinell

Dave has a decade of experience in the real estate industry both in retail sales and bank owned homes. In the past few years he has also started working with commercial real estate buyers and sellers.  When not working real estate, he can be found behind a set of drums playing professionally.

Passion and Experience

Rhiannon Howard

Rhiannon was my first team member in 1998, and after some "real estate musical chairs", she is back! Her enthusiastic attitude and years of experience in all areas will make your selling or buying experience a real pleasure. After hours she and her husband, Preston, enjoy friends, family and travel.